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Linda Armstrong in Takt A.I.R. Summer Group Show, Berlin
Linda Armstrong is showing as a part of her artist residency at Takt in Berlin in a group show titled Let Go. She also has a print in the 37th Mini Print International of Cadaques in the Taller Galleria Fort, Barcelona, Spain.

Linda Armstrong, Unbound, 2017, Charcoal and ink, 15H x 11W inches

Jerry Cullum reviews Mark Leibert's Reflex in ArtsATL
Mark Leibert, currently showing Reflex at Sandler Hudson through July 8, received a wonderful review by critic Jerry Cullum in ArtsATL

Mark Leibert, Tracking, 2017, Oil on canvas, 58H x 44W inches
William Downs at Takoja Institute
William Downs will be leading an artists retreat in New Mexico through a
spiritual and ritual drawing experience integrating all of the five senses. The workshop will take place in mid-July at the Takoja Institute.

William Downs, Untitled 12 (The Body Needs Time to Collect and Re-Collect Itself Series), Mixed media on found computer paper, 15H x 10.75W inches
Cheryl Goldsleger in group show Heated Exchange
Cheryl Goldsleger's work will be included in a traveling exhibition titled Heated Exchange at the Visual Art Center in Portsmouth, VA from July 8th-August 30th.

Invitation to Heated Exchange, July 8-August 30, featuring Cheryl Goldsleger
Martha Whittington featured on Beltline
Martha Whittington is working on a collaborative piece for the Beltline with Lisa Alembik and Jason Cameron entitled Dream Boats.

Martha Whittington, GS215, 2015, hand-embossed Reeves BFK from hickory plank, grade sawn (b), from "With the Grain" exhibition at Sandler Hudson Gallery,  20H x 20W inches
Dynasty reboots with help of Sandler Hudson artists
The 1980s soap opera Dynasty is back, this time with better art. The work of John Belingheri, Michael Dickey, William Downs, Michael T. Hensley, Gary Komarin and Michele Schuff will all be featured in episodes of the show. 

John Beligheri, Totem/Indian Green, 2017, Oil and alkyd in canvas, 48H x 38W inches

Michael Dickey, Accretion Series Sunset Diptych, 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 36H x 48W inches

William Downs, Transformer, Charcoal and ink wash on canvas paper, 12H x 9W inches

Michael T Hensley, Pretty Not, 2016, Mixed media on panel, 44H x 46W inches

Gary Komarin, Blue on Creme, 2015, Mixed media on paper, 50H x 24W inches

Michele Schuff, A New Earth, 2017, Encaustic on panel, 36H x 36W x 3D inches



Mark Leibert: REFLEX 
Saturday, July 8
3-5 PM

Mark Leibert, Gather, 2016, Oil, acrylic, spray paint on canvas, 58H x 44W inches

Summer Thunder
July 15-September 9
A selected exhibition of new works by 16 Sandler Hudson Gallery artists featuring:
Scott Bellville
Holle Black
Ryan Coleman
Don Cooper
William Downs
Margaret Fletcher
Kelly Kristin Jones
Amy Landesberg
Donna Mintz
Mario Petrerina
Michael Reese
Kit Reuther
Rocio Rodriguez
Michele Schuff
Brett Smith
P. Seth Thompson

Opening Reception July 14th, 7-9 PM

Don Cooper, 62317, 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 16H x 20W inches




S A N D L E R  H U D S O N  G A L L E R Y



Alex Brewer (HENSE), Ryan Coleman, Greely Myatt, Kit Reuther, Brett Smith, Martha Whittington, Included in Atlanta Designer Hotel Interior
The newly opened Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel features the artwork of Alex Brewer (HENSE), Ryan Coleman, Greely Myatt, Kit Reuther, Brett Smith, and Martha Whittington.

Ryan Coleman, One of nine of murals commissioned by Renaissance Atlanta Gateway Hotel

Left to right: Kit Reuther, Blue Vessel, Oil on canvas, 72H x 52W inches 
Brett Smith, Scaffold & Thickett, Oil and wax on panel, 20H x 16W inches
Martha Whittington, MT 115, Hand-embossed Reeves BFK from hickory, poplar, mahogany planks, inlayed with mahogany wood, 18.5H x 20.5W inches framed 

Alex Brewer (HENSE), Untitled (from Shape series), Monoprint, silkscreen on paper, 40H x 26W inches

HENSE Tackles Four Buildings at a Time
Alex Brewer (HENSE) recently completed a four-building, 170-paint gallon project commissioned by the City of Hagerstown and The Washington County Arts Council, located on the new Cultural Trail.

Alex Brewer (HENSE), Building Blocks, Acrylic on masonry, 2017, City of Hagerstown Cultural Trail, Hagerstown, MD. Image courtesy of Miguel Martinez

William Downs in Florida Shows
Day & Nights Projects--of which Downs is a forming member (along with Steven L. Anderson, Mark Leibert, and Tori Tinsley) recently showed at Tempus Projects in Tampa, in a show titled The Reroute. William Downs is also included in a group show at the University of Southern Florida Contemporary Art Museum titled Black Pulp! The show pairs historical printed media with contemporary works to explore evolving perspectives of Black identity in American culture and history from 1912 onward.

William Downs, Hermaphrodity, 2017, Ink wash on paper, 12H x 9W inches

Brad Ellis Featured in Books on Abstract/Encaustic Art
Brad Ellis' paintings were chosen for inclusion in Texas Abstract: Modern + Contemporary, published by Fresco Books and Encaustic Painting in the Twenty-First Century, published by Schiffer.

Brad Ellis, Whangdoodle #1, 2014, Encaustic, enamel, oil stick, and collage on canvas, 60H x 48W inches

Greely Myatt Solo Show and Public Commission
Greely Myatt's solo show, Still Straightening Nails, will open at the Gumtree Art Museum in Tupelo, MS this month. In August a portion of the show will travel to Myatt's hometown to the Armory Memorial Regional Museum in Armory, MS. His 
public sculpture for UrbanArt Commission in Audubon Park, Memphis, TN has reached completion. 

Greely Myatt, "Everybody's Talkin'", Detail, one of five units, Public sculpture in Audubon Park, Memphis, TN

Yanique Norman in SAIC Residency
From June through August Yanique Norman will be hard at work in Chicago completing the Summer Residency portion of her M.F.A. program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Yanique Norman, From upcoming Presidential Series, 2017, Mixed media, Dimensions variable

P. Seth Thompson Curates Exhibition at Zuckerman Museum of Art
"Guest curated by Atlanta-based P. Seth Thompson, 'Racecar' is a multidisciplinary group exhibition that examines the nature of a limited and cyclical existence, and our attempts to escape it." Including work by Kelly Kristin Jones, the exhibition is on view June 3 - July 30. 

P. Seth Thompson at "Racecar"

Ryan Coleman in Gallery Walk at Terminus
Ryan Coleman is included in "Black and White", the upcoming exhibition in Gallery Walk at Terminus. The art space is located in the lobbies of the Terminus 100 and Terminus 200 buildings, the exhibit lasts through July 13.

Ryan Coleman, Genesis (Darkness), 2016, Oil on canvas, 36W x 48H inches

Michael Dickey at The Other Art Fair New York
June 1 through 4, Michael Dickey's work was showcased in The Other Art Fair New York at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

Michael Dickey, Detail of  booth at The Other Art Fair New York

Correction: In last month's newsletter we included a painting by Maggie Davis with the incorrect title. The painting is correctly titled The Garden, 2016, Acrylic on canvas, 55H x 77W inches


Mark Leibert: REFLEX
Artist Talk
Saturday, June 17
2:00 PM

Mark Leibert, Untitled (Blank Series), 2016-17, Oil on canvas, 8H x 6W feet


The beauty of some studios, like Don Cooper's, is found in the intensity that is apparent in the inspiration the artist keeps pinned to the wall--intensity before brush meets paint.

Don Cooper's studio, Stone Mountain, Georgia

Mark Leibert: REFLEX
Washes of color (squints of light), color seen through lids barely open, a view that represents only a portion of the landscape or portrait, but is not false.

Large portraits which seem fully realized in comparison to their abstract counterparts influence our understanding of the washes and dapples of color: surfaces that absorb/exude, that tangle with blankness/depth. Are these canvasses close-ups of some forgotten portrait, or all equal portions of an ill-defined whole?
We have been thrown into the search for completeness.

No cynicism. We should see the whole as it fades and the fragments as they yearn to keep the whole from fading. Here we have the opportunity to ask precisely what it is that we want whole. A return to what we understood/took for granted? Is that really more beautiful than what we might make out of the fragments of now? The stakes are high. The fragments are already fading. To see anew is our only chance.
- Sophie Whittemore

Mark Leibert, Switch, 2016, Oil and acrylic paint on canvas, 24H x 18W inches
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Maggie Davis, Corrine Colarusso in Gathered III  at MOCAGA
Maggie Davis and Corrine Colarusso have artworks included in MOCAGA's third installment of Gathered: Georgia Artists Selecting Georgia Artistson view May 16  through July 1. The jury includes Rocio Rodriguez.

Maggie Davis, The Garden, 2016, Acrylic on canvas, 55H x 77W inches

Corrine Colarusso, Elementary Geography Mountain, 2015, Acrylic on canvas, 84H X 66W inches 
Michael Reese featured in Atlanta Jazz Festival: Forty Years
Michael Reese is one of five artists to be included in a coffee table book and past exhibition centered around the history of the Atlanta Jazz Festival. He also recently gave a talk at the law firm Arnall Golden Gregory, where his work was displayed until the end of April.

MIchael Reese , Sketches Of Pain, 2017, Archival pigment ink print, 22H x 30W inches
Brad Ellis chosen for inclusion in the Art in Embassies program
The U.S. State Department's Art in Embassies program chose Brad Ellis' work to display in Uganda in the home of the ambassador there. His artistic practice was also covered in the current issue of Advocate magazine, a publication covering the local scene in Dallas.

Art in Embassies Catalog Cover, Brad Ellis, Dash #2, 2012, Encaustic and collage on canvas, 48H x 48W inches
Cheryl Goldsleger at Art New York Fair
Cheryl Goldsleger's work will be shown in the Art New York Fair at Pier 94 in NYC from May 3 through May 7
. Her drawings are also featured in multiple upcoming publications including an art textbook and the cover of a book by philosopher Kojin Karatani.

Text Book Cover, Cheryl Goldsleger, Indeterminate, 2016, Mixed media and graphite on linen, 54H x 54W inches
Greely Myatt in Posit Magazine
Greely Myatt's work is featured in the current issue of Posit Magazine, an online publication dedicated to literature and art. He is also completing a public sculpture for UrbanArt Commission opening in May in Audubon Park, Memphis, TN.

Maybe I Can Paint Over That (Sandler Hudson Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 2016)

Maybe I Can Paint Over That (Sandler Hudson Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 2016)

Maybe I Can Paint Over That (Sandler Hudson Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 2016)

Maybe I Can Paint Over That (Sandler Hudson Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 2016)

Greely Myatt, Maybe I Can Paint Over That, 2016, Installation view


Yanique Norman in BURNAWAY'S Spring Studio Soiree!
On May 5 at Westview Studios, BURNAWAY will host viewings of selected artist's studios, including that of Yanique Norman.

Yanique Norman, The Rotted Seas 3, 2011, Graphite, collage, and gouache on paper, 20H x 30W inches  

Michael T. Hensley work sold to Ralph Lauren Corporate Collection
The Ralph Lauren headquarters in Mexico now features a painting by Mike Hensley as a part of their corporate collection. 


      Michael Hensley, Nocturnal Emissary, 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 64W x 74H inches


Mark Leibert: Reflex
May 13 - June 24
Opening Reception: May 12, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Mark Leibert, Gather, 2016, Oil, acrylic, spray paint on canvas, 58H x 44W inches

a thing that is determined by and reproduces the essential features or qualities of something else

“He felt a dull pain in his chest—not exactly pain, but more like the difference in air pressure at the point where the material and the immaterial meet.”

Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

These paintings and works on paper explore the liminal space between the material and immaterial. Examining surface and interior, figuration and abstraction, the images present spaces both immersed with and emptied of subjects. Some of the figures seem almost ghostly, as though poised to appear or disappear, with the tain, or lusterless backing of the mirror, revealing them as little more than apparitions. These images simultaneously reflect the surfaces of the contemporary subject, public perception, self-projection, and yet by their nature are a document, something relegated to memory. 

My paintings and works on paper are inspired by the “snow” of empty television channels on CRT screens, “ruined” rolls of film, the process colors of imperfect Polaroids, glitchy VHS tapes, and the irregular application of photo emulsion. These partial or imperfect images, whether unrealized or deteriorating, have always captivated me. But above all else, they are inspired by my love of paint, and its unparalleled ability to reflect and playfully distort contemporary and historical visual culture. 

Mark Leibert was born and raised in Honolulu and now lives and works in Atlanta. His works explore an other-worldly space that spans abstraction and figuration. His practice includes painting, drawing, time-based works, photography, and installation. His paintings were selected for No. 58 of New American Paintings, the juried exhibition-in-print. He has taught at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Georgia State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and James Madison University. His work is in private and corporate collections, including High Museum of Art, Capital One, and The Ritz- Carlton, among others. He is a co-founder of Day & Night Projects, an Atlanta artist-run exhibition space. He received a BA from University of California, Berkeley and an MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology. Leibert is represented by Sandler Hudson Gallery.



P. Seth Thompson: Insufficient Data for an Image
Stare at P Seth Thompson’s glossy prints clustered together. There’s something in the streaks of color, the image resolution numbers, zoom on forgotten text usually hidden in the corner.
These are the undergarments of the internet, the bits and pieces meant to be hidden, avoided, eyes averted. We thought nothing was sacred (secret) anymore, yet we discover the internet’s shyness, its modesty. That which gives us information—so much that it is obscene, even it has private parts. The paradox feels victorious, and then sad.
We’re left to wonder whether information ever revealed truth, whether transparency ever meant anything other than pornography.

On View at Sandler Hudson Gallery through May 6

P. Seth Thompson, The One-Eyed Man is King, 2016-2017, Archival pigment print mounted to Dibond, Edition of 3, 19H x 13W inches


Peering behind the scenes in the studio of an artist like Scott Belville reminds us of the immense beauty that can precede the completion of a work:
Scott Belville's Studio in Athens, Georgia 
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