donna mintz

A visual artist based in Atlanta, Georgia who also writes about art.

Her painting and installation is a meditation on memory and place and the abiding lure of the silent stories inherent in the land. Her work can be found in the permanent collections of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia and the Mobile Museum of Art among others. She is a visual arts critic and regular contributor to

She is an MFA candidate at the Sewanee School of Letters, University of the South and a grateful Fellow of the Hambidge Center for the Arts and Sciences.

"The act of recollection is integral to a sense of place. It is an abstraction and a creative act.  We must call on history, fiction and memory to sustain it.  The stewardship of several hundred acres of almost forgotten land in middle Georgia came to me four years ago upon the death of my father. It is a family place about which I knew very little except that my grandfather had farmed it and it meant enough to my father to save it from auction at the hands of his brother when I was young.

I have followed the thread of the history of this land as far as records can teach me, and there is no one left to tell its story.  I believe it is part of a larger parcel of land that has been in my family since shortly after the Revolutionary War.

I create a new fiction each time I imagine its past."


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