Brad ellis

"I've always subscribed to the theory of 'paint for paint's sake' by celebrating the physical qualities of the medium. Several years ago, I began using encaustic paint and by doing so have discovered a whole new way of working and thinking about the act of making pictures. The process involved working with encaustic is a labor intensive endeavor but one that can render exciting results. The paint is heated, applied and then fused with a heat source to bond with the surface and other materials. The paint can be mixed and applied in a very transparent or opaque manner depending on the desired results and can be heated to achieve a glass-like smoothness or a rough and textured surface. Encaustic may also be used with oil paint and collage materials as well. There are so many different possibilities this medium offers that each new painting is a fascinating experience of discovery.

It is my hope that my work engages the viewer and that the imagery, materials and process allows for an artistic dialogue that is challenging, rewarding and entertaining."